Abstract Vases

Made by talented artisans in Bali, this boutique stoneware ceramic vase was designed to last a lifetime.


Stunning Nut Bowl

Inspired by the charm and beauty of cookware from ancient India, this pebble nut bowl will look charming on any table.


Beautiful Vase

Designed and made by hand using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, these beautiful vases have been made to last a lifetime.


Lovely Ceramic Teapot

Made by hand crafted using a combination of traditional and modern techniques on the island of Bali, this lovely ceramic teapot make a beautiful addition to any tea set.


Elegant Copper Ice Bucket

Using age old techniques with a contemporary twist, these stunning copper ice buckets are handcrafted in Java.


Collection of Jugs

Individually handcrafted, these beautiful minimalist ceramic jugs add a bit of interest to any table.


Luxurious Hammock

Crocheted from soft cotton by Nicaraguan artists using a double weave technique, this hammock has to be the most comfortable in all of South East Asia!